The Star (Jamaica)

Jamaican returns to invest in Port Antonio


Aexperienc­e to two other parishes slated for opening in Kingston and St Ann (Ocho Rios), respective­ly. “At a time when the pandemic is taking its toll on countries worldwide, including Jamaica, I choose to return home to invest not only in my country, but to create sustainabl­e employment for the local people, and also to provide our women with a classical line of clothing,” White said.

ChicByT currently has two employees, both graduates of Titchfield High School. One of the worker, 19-year-old Christine Henry, said that being able to land a job at this time means the world to her.

“I want to go to university so much, but without a job it was near impossible. I have landed my first job and I am truly grateful to Mrs White for having faith and trust in me,” Henry said.

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