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J’ca-born teacher writes book to help young people


During the first COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom (UK) last year, Jamaica-born educator and life coach Vanice Ricketts spent close to three months with some of her students.

Due to lockdown, some students, dependent on where they were from, could not go home. So she stayed with them at the institutio­n. These interactio­ns, she said, gave her the inspiratio­n to write her debut book, titled How to Build and Maintain Confidence in Young People.

In a recent interview with THE STAR, Ricketts, 47, said the book was written to assist young people to build and maintain confidence, as well as to help them properly navigate through challenges. “In 2020, when the pandemic was sweeping through the UK, I spend 10 weeks in lockdown with a group of young people and we had many conversati­ons, and their views were an inspiratio­n for me to pen the book. I want it to be a guide for adults also who are faced with difficult situations. There are steps in there on how they can overcome them. This is something that the world needs at this time, because there are a lot of distractio­ns all around,” she said.

She stressed that the book, which was released in March, is not just to earn another dollar; it is a way to groom the younger generation. Ricketts, who has been teaching for 15 years, said she has managed to capture all aspects of what confidence is within the chapters, and has dispelled the misconcept­ions surroundin­g the meaning of the words ‘arrogance’ and ‘credence’.

“I want to help people to get up from where they are and to be where they want to be in their mind’s eye. I feel good whenever I take a person from one point to a next. It makes me happy to see someone pursue their dreams,” Ricketts said.

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 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D ?? Vanice Ricketts
CONTRIBUTE­D Vanice Ricketts

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