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‘Burping’ parrot is a social media star


Aparrot has ruffled feathers with her burping, farting and raving. Chickenhaw­k has become a hit on the social media platform Snapchat as she speaks in a thick Glaswegian accent. Ryan Cannon adopted the bird six years ago and is amazed by how much Chickenhaw­k copies him.

He told GlasgowLiv­e: “She has a huge vocabulary, she says a lot, and she’s really good at saying things at the right time, so she picks up when I say things at certain times.”

Cannon revealed that the bird also makes notificati­on sounds that can be heard on a phone.

He added: “She swears a lot and shouts on all of the dogs. She burps, farts, sniffs, she sniffles her nose like she’s got snotters running out of them, she impersonat­es you sneezing, and impersonat­es the sound of an old house phone ringing. She makes all the phone notificati­on sounds, like Messenger, Snapchat, all of those.”

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