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South America ‘penis snakes’ slide into Florida


Penis snakes’ from South America have been spotted in Florida. The creatures, which are formally named caecilians, are native to Colombia and Venezuela but have recently been discovered near Miami Internatio­nal Airport.

The animals range in size from a few inches to five feet long and have extremely poor eyesight, while their phallic shape has earned them the ‘penis snake’ nickname.

Despite the term, the creatures are more closely related to frogs, toads and newts.

Coleman Sheehy, Florida Museum’s herpetolog­y collection manager, said: “Very little is known about these animals in the wild, but there’s nothing particular­ly dangerous about them, and they don’t appear to be serious predators.

“They’ll probably eat small animals and get eaten by larger ones.

“This could be just another nonnative species in the South Florida mix.”

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