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Viice preaches hard work on new single


Dancehall songwriter-artiste Viice knows about the virtues of hard work. That is why he is beaming with pride as his inspiratio­nal single, What If, has emerged as a bona fide hit in the street dances and bars in and around his native Falmouth.

“It’s a song about working hard and what you would have to do if you win or just drop into a load of cash. I think this is the song for the summer because with the pandemic ending, people are looking to hustle and create opportunit­ies more than ever before. The song already take off in Falmouth and it’s doing great on the radio, and getting a lot of views on YouTube,” Viice said.

The song was released on the Top Braff Music label in May. In 2018, Viice released a song, titled Hard Rain, that generated some amount of buzz. But he feels he is on the verge of a huge breakthrou­gh with What If, so much so that he has redoubled his promotiona­l efforts across all media.

“I am planning on doing a music video for the project as well, plus I am planning a major social media roll-out,” he said.

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