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The owners of OnlyFans, an online subscripti­on platform known for adult content, can’t seem to make up their mind whether or not to ban pornograph­ic content. Last week, they announced that effective October 1, “OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any content containing sexually explicit conduct”. They added that creators “will continue to be allowed to post content containing nudity as long as it is consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy”.

Then, on August 25, OnlyFans made a reversal via a tweet which said, “We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change. Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard.”

While many breathed a sigh of relief, for dancehall artiste Macka Diamond, who signed up in September last year, it was no big deal one way or the other.

“Nuh new rules can’t affect me because it is not what people think,” Macka said with a short laugh.

“I didn’t have explicit stuff on there, just a few teasers. I also post my music stuff there,” said Macka, whose OnlyFans profile is dubbed ‘Diamond of Dancehall’.

Her OnlyFans profile picture shows a topless Macka, with her breasts covered with what appears to be pasties. There are 63 posts and 510 likes. Her subscripti­on rate is US$15 per month with subscripti­on bundles of US$31.50 and US$90 for three months and six months, respective­ly. She was last seen on Tuesday.

Fellow female entertaine­r D’Angel, who has in the past spoken candidly about the huge amounts of cash she is raking in from OnlyFans, was mum on the potential effects of the now discarded October 1 new rules.

“At this time, I have to decline on all matters concerning OnlyFans and their new policies as I’m busy working on several projects, including my EP, a television series and a surprising project that is long overdue,” was her response to THE STAR when the ban was still in effect.

OnlyFans has a community of 130 million users and over two million creators who have earned over $5 billion on the platform.

D’Angel joined OnlyFans in June 2020 and now has a massive 15.3 thousand likes and 301 posts. She advertises herself as the “Long And Lean DOLL” and in her intro, she states, “Welcome to my Ultra Sexy, Revealing, Provocativ­e And Flirtatiou­s world. Contents will be uploaded daily. Custom content is also available DM for yours. Get to know me more.”

And, the Long and Lean Doll, whose page shows some of her comments, is certainly no shy girl when it comes to being a tease, despite her telling fans on August 23, “I bet you didn’t know I was shy.”

Among her less salacious comments are on June 23, “Uncensored in Dm baby, and so much more”; June 20 “These legs were made to wrap around your neck”; December 11, 2020, “Want to give you the tightest hold yuh eva get in your life”; Dec 14, 2020 “I have lots in store for you this Xmas make sure to treat me to a gift and you’ll get a chance to unlock a very special naughty video just for you. Season greetings.”

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