The Star (Jamaica)

Skateboard made from blood of legend


Acompany has created skateboard­s using the blood of Tony Hawk. The skateboard­ing legend has teamed up with the drinks manufactur­er Liquid Death to make some limited edition boards and the company drew blood from him to make the equipment.

Only 100 of the boards were made at a price of US$500, with the money going towards “killing plastic pollution and building skate parks in underserve­d communitie­s”.

Hawk said: “I am deeply thankful to have a connection with my fans, and I appreciate how Liquid Death connects with theirs.

“This collaborat­ion is taking those connection­s to a new level, as I have literally put my blood (and soul) into these decks.

“I take pride in knowing that organisati­ons fighting plastic pollution and creating skate parks worldwide will be supported through our efforts.”

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