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N~A sends hope to those who feel alone


Twenty-one-year-old N~A, who has been doing music for about six years, said that his sojourn into the entertainm­ent business began with a class assignment.

“We were supposed to do a presentati­on by remixing a song, or creating one of our own, and my group and

I, we created a song and after we performed it, I realised that people around actually liked what we came up with, and that’s when

I started branching off and doing music,” he said.

The up- andcoming entertaine­r, whose given name is Princeton

Galloway, resides in Texas, USA. Even though he has a background in dancehall, being that he is from Jamaica, he said that dancehall isn’t his main genre.

“I don’t really have a genre that I say I would stick to, I just do whatever I feel like doing in that moment,” N~A said, adding that like his unusual stage name, he wants to stand out.

“I tend to think out of the box, I don’t put myself in the box or in a situation where

I’m likely to limit my capabiliti­es,” he shared.

N~A said his creative process usually involves him listening to the beat, and trying to get what it is telling him. Other times, he focuses on real life situations that he has seen or knows people tend to go through and overtime finds a beat that goes along with it.

His latest single, Not Alone, which is set to be released in the next week, is one of these songs which focus on real life situations.

“The song itself was created to help inspire people who are going through struggle in their daily life. Whatever they are going through — because you know there’s a lot of people out there in the world

that are struggling with situations,” N~A said.

Reggae artiste Chezidek has released a song which he believes aptly transmit the timeless message of the need for more love and unity among mankind.

The track, Perfect Connection, is produced by Big Feet Records.

“At the heart of this song is love. It is about people connecting meaningful­ly, it is an ardent and intense plea for people to focus on the things that really matters for the sake of humanity,” said Josh Harris of Big Feet Records, writer and composer of the song.

Chezidek’s long standing career has seen the release of a plethora of hits over the years, including All My Life, Jah is all We Need and Leave De Trees.

Additional­ly, he has released countless albums such as Inna Di

Road, Harvest Time, Judgment Time, Timeless, and Hello Africa.

Josh Harris said he has always wanted to work with Chezidek “because he is so good at what he does”.

“His voice is exceptiona­l and he has a track record that speaks volume. We spent the time to get the song to this level, something that will reflect with us and the people. It is a landmark for us to accomplish this,” the Perfect Connection writer said.

He has high hopes for the song, which comes at a critical point in world affairs.

“Reggae music has time and time again healed the world and I think a song like this will go a long way especially because of its timeless message,” Josh Harris said.

 ?? RHEA ROBINSON ?? Up-and-coming entertaine­r N~A is hoping to rise to the top.
RHEA ROBINSON Up-and-coming entertaine­r N~A is hoping to rise to the top. Chezidek

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