The Star (Jamaica)

Haiti needs Jesus


Dear Pastor,

Haiti has experience­d so many disasters and they still fail to see that they need God. All I can say is Jamaica is a God blessed country, and whenever there is a disaster that is when most of us turn to God, and acknowledg­e him. God always comes through for us, so all Haiti needd to do is to pray as much as our prayers go out for them.

No matter if Jamaica sends the greatest builders, when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. Japan has most of the best builders, some would say, and most times their jobs fail.

Pastor, every man has to give account for his own sins.


Dear S.G.,

I believe what you are trying to say is that Haiti is a wicked country and because of their wickedness, they are being punished. How can you be sure of that? I would ask you to desist from saying so. I know many people are just like you. They believe that what Haiti needs is God.

Let us pray for Haiti and let us do our very best to help them with whatever they need. They are our brothers and sisters.


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