The Star (Jamaica)

Tea drinking linked to sharper minds


Drinking tea makes people better at solving puzzles. A new study gave men and women either tea or water and then asked them to complete tests such as a word associatio­n game or a set of riddles.

After analysing the results, researcher­s from Peking University in China found that those who drank the tea performed far better on both the word associatio­n and riddles tasks.

The experts are puzzled as to why the tea had such a beneficial effect as the 100 participan­ts drank only a small amount of tea and carried out the tests very soon after consuming it, meaning that any impact would have been minimal.

The team, whose findings were published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, said: “This result indicated that the tea-drinking event itself — rather than the biological components of tea — played an enhancing role.”

The researcher­s did suggest that the explanatio­n for the improved performanc­e could be in the head, as tea drinkers are associated with having sharp minds.

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