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Study shows fish and vegetables improve bedroom performanc­e


Men who eat Greek food are better in bed, new research suggests. Experts at Athens University have suggested that a daily Mediterran­ean diet containing local delicacies such as grilled fish, salads, olive oil and feta cheese will ward off any performanc­e issues in the bedroom.

The study, published in the journal of the European Society

of Cardiology, looked at 250 men in their 50s with high blood pressure and erectile dysfunctio­n. It found that those who stuck to a diet of fish, vegetables and olive oil had higher levels of testostero­ne.

The men who ate the most Mediterran­ean food benefited from the biggest increase in performanc­e between the sheets.

Dr Athansios Angelis, from Athens University, said: “We found our diet was linked with healthier arteries and blood flow, higher testostero­ne levels and better erectile performanc­e.

“This limits the fall in testostero­ne that occurs in middle age, staving off problems in the bedroom.”

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