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Anthony Malvo salutes the ‘90s with new rhythm


Recording artiste and producer Anthony Malvo says that his most recent project, the ‘90s Baby rhythm, was created in a bid to reflect on one of the greatest times in reggae/dancehall music.

“I have been a part of reggae a long time, long enough to know that our listeners miss the swing the old hits carry and, as such, I connected with a few of the artistes who helped mould the era, to give our fans the ‘90s Baby riddim,” he said. The rhythm was produced under his Malvo Entertainm­ent brand.

“I saw the music going a different direction and this project will remind music lovers that the core of reggae/dancehall still lives, while educating the younger generation. Many of the younger people don’t know where the music is coming from and, as such, I have to educate them while entertaini­ng them,” he said. “The kind of music some of our younger generation is releasing doesn’t present itself with what we know true reggae/dancehall to be. This project will take you back, but still has enough elements of modern dancehall to draw in all demographi­cs”

The compilatio­n boasts tracks from artistes such as Delly Ranx, Lady G, Mr Lexx, and Jigsy King. Anthony Malvo has also decided that he will be releasing visuals to complement the rhythm.

Anthony Malvo is known for singles such as Come Back To Me, a collaborat­ion with Tiger, and Take You To The Dance.

His recently released the single Baby Come Take It, featuring Buju Banton.

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CONTRIBUTE­D Anthony Malvo
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