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DHQ Carlene searching for the next queen


Carlene Smith, the original Dancehall Queen, has partnered with Jamaican adult beverage brand Slowhine, to create Dancehall Queen – The Next Generation.

“It’s the ideal entertainm­ent during these stay- at- home lockdown periods and beyond,” Carlene said. She changed dancehall in the 90s and a generation later, she wants to take the dancehall queen concept to another level.

“In the 90s, we shattered the glass ceiling for women paving the way for ladies worldwide to earn a living from their talent and fashion. Now, I want to take them to another level – magazine covers, modelling contracts, acting careers, internatio­nal brand ambassador­ships. Now that we broke through the glass ceiling, women must now reach for the skies,” explained Carlene.

“This innovative competitio­n will not just be about dancing at all. My judges and I are looking for the young woman who has extensive dancehall knowledge, fashion savvy, and can represent our country well, just the complete package,” she added.

Michael Dawson, CEO of Whirlwind Entertainm­ent, believes persons in dancehall are considered to be reckless and irresponsi­ble. Therefore, he said it was important to him to offer stayat-home entertainm­ent to help boost adherence to government measures imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“With the new restrictio­ns in place set by the Government it is now a little hard for us to execute all that we have planned, but our team has decided that we will launch our promotions digitally,” he said. Dancehall Queen – The Next Generation is slated to be launched before the end of this year.

 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D ?? Carlene Smith
CONTRIBUTE­D Carlene Smith

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