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Not sure I have a future with this man


Dear Pastor,

I am writing you for your advice. I listen to you every night. You are my company. My children’s father died eight years ago and my children are grown and they left me here alone.

I have three boys and a girl. They come to see me every week, especially one of my boys. They live with their people and I can’t say anything about that. For about a year now, I have a male visitor. He does everything I ask him to do, but I don’t like his family. They are aggressive and I found out that one of his brothers is in prison and he went to prison for doing something very bad. This man is very nice to me. I told him that I am a church person, so he has started visiting church but he is not coming to my church. He goes to a Saturday church and since COVID, he is not attending church at all. My children told me that I should do whatever I want to do because they know that I am lonely. What would you suggest that I do?


Dear K.L.,

You did not say whether you love this man or whether he loves you. He visits you and evidently he has shown interest but, does he love you? Do you love him? If the love for you is not strong or if the love you have for him is not strong, you should not give him the impression that you would marry him. If you marry him the relationsh­ip will not last. He is attending a church since you have been encouragin­g him to do so. It would be good for both of you to attend the same church, but that does not mean that two people could not attend two different churches and have a good relationsh­ip. Discuss everything with your children and make sure that you make the right decision.


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