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Cousin’s boyfriend made a move on me


Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you for your advice. I was staying with my cousin and from the time I came there, her man had his eyes on me. He offered me money.

When he first offered me money I did not take it but I started to take it because I had needs and sometimes days and weeks passed and I didn’t get any money from my parents. So I started to take the money. When he asked me for a kiss and I complained to my cousin, she told me that I was a big girl so I can say yes or no to a man. She asked him about it right in front of me and he told her that he was only joking with me. She told him not to run those jokes anymore but he did not stop. When I was going to graduate I had to pay up what was owed to the school. My parents could not come up with the money and I wanted to participat­e in the graduation ceremony and this man offered to let me have the money and he kissed me and hugged me up and played with me. But we did not have sex. Today I am married and the man I married is his friend. But I have never told him about what transpired between this man and I. My husband and this man are in the same type of business and they get along very well.


Dear N.F.,

You probably want to hear from me if you should tell your husband what transpired between this man and you many years ago. I do not see why you should tell him. It would not strengthen the relationsh­ip that you are having with your husband and it may create some serious problems in the family. I am glad that you were able to graduate and, whatever you and this man did, you did not continue. I wish you well. Try and be well and take care of yourself.


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