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Love doctor seeking Mrs Right


Dear Pastor,

I am a long-time reader of your column and a listener to your radio programme. The topics on your programme are informativ­e and refreshing.

The reason I am writing to you is to state that I have read a lot of messages of ladies complainin­g about men, and that they can’t find good men. However, money doesn’t make a man good. When seeking a partner, one should ensure that there is love, patience, dedication, and compromise. One should also ensure that the prospectiv­e partner is willing to work with one’s flaws and faults. These are essential for a successful relationsh­ip.

A long-term relationsh­ip doesn’t just happen overnight. As the saying goes “If you want good, your nose has to run.” So, ladies and gentlemen, true love is still out there but we have to set our sails to the direction of the wind.

I am a 33-year-old male from Clarendon. I would love to meet a working-class woman who is caring, loving, sharing and understand­ing. She should be a woman who has s good morals and loves other er people as she loves s herself.

I am looking forward to hearing your comments.


Dear F.K.,

I would not waste my time to comment on your letter. etter. Except to say, if you know all these things about women, you shouldn’t have problems finding one for yourself.

You are probably bably thinking too highly ghly about yourself, and you need to humble le yourself before God. . Otherwise you will find yourself on the shelf and nobody will want you.


 ?? ??

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