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Tired of going to bed hungry


Dear ar Pastor Pastor,

I am writing you this letter just to ease my pain. I am a 34-yearold single mother of three. I am unemployed and find life to be a struggle. I have lived with my grandmothe­r for all my life. She passed away two years ago. I am still living in her house with my grandfathe­r. I don’t have any electricit­y because I am unable to pay the electricit­y bill, so JPS disconnect­ed my light. I cannot buy gas to cook and I can hardly find food. It is very hard.

I live in a parish where unemployme­nt is high. I can’t relocate to find work because I don’t have anyone to keep my children. Many nights, we go to bed hungry. I have prayed and asked God to take me out of this situation because I cannot take it any longer. The only time I get money is when PATH gives me $6,000 $6 000 for two of my children. children So I use that to buy some food, which is not enough because things are expensive.

I really would like to start a small business in my community to sell soap and disinfecta­nt. Pastor, I need some help to start so that I can do something to help myself and my children.


Dear S.,

As I read your letter, I asked myself where is/are the father/fathers of these children? Why have you not taken him/them to court for maintenanc­e? That is what you should do.

Why have you not made yourself available to do days’ work and to earn a living? I am sure that there are many people in that parish who wh would employ you as a days’ worker.

Your children should not be going to bed hungry. I don’t want to insult you, but you can roast yam and breadfruit and use butter to give your children something to eat. People call my show every night saying that they cannot find people to work. I would suggest that you make yourself available to do anything that is legal to support yourself and your children.

I can’t encourage you to try to get money to do what you say you want to do. Work for your own money and save towards that. I wish you well. Pastor

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