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Producer aims to ‘heal the world’ with new rhythm


With much uncertaint­y in the world with the ongoing pandemic, producer Sekou Brown hopes to give music lovers some reassuranc­e that things will eventually return to normal, with his Heal the World rhythm.

The project, which is his debut production, was released on April 29, and consists of inspiratio­nal songs by newcomers and establishe­d acts. Released by Tree Leaf Entertainm­ent, Heal the World rhythm features the title track by iconic reggae artiste Sizzla, Victory by Luciano, featuring Bam Rush, Cherish My Love by Turbulence, The Warning by Nature Ellis, and Yashua by Gerald Boreland.

As a first-timer, it wasn’t difficult for Brown to get the participat­ion of the artistes.

“Every project will have its moments of ups and downs because that is a part of the human experience. However, thankfully for this project, I had way more ‘up’ than ‘down’. I think it is safe to say getting the artistes on board was almost effortless, because the riddim primarily sells itself,” he said.

Brown said that he was extremely impressed by how effective the veteran artistes were in communicat­ing with him, and lauded their work ethic.

“Which goes to show that these men aren’t just singing songs, they are passionate about what they do and are willing to assist in sharing positive messages across the world through their music. Working with them has also given me the feeling of being exposed, thus empowering me to be more driven in my own developmen­t,” Brown said.

Brown is from the Bedward Gardens community in August Town, St Andrew. He is also a past student of Jamaica College.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with music. Music, to me, is the essence of life and, as a result, I involve music in everything I do. Unfortunat­ely, I don’t have a voice, but I do have the vision. Producing is what is used to project my vision across the world. I learnt along the way by exploring the Internet, getting feedback from more establishe­d music producers as well as artistes, so I can increase my knowledge of the music industry and find ways to best apply myself,” he said.

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