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Commish says there will be more cash seizures


Police commission­er Major General Antony Anderson says Jamaicans should expect to see more money being seized by lawmen as they seek to reduce the high incidence of violent crimes in the country.

The police chief, speaking at a press conference held yesterday at the Jamaica Constabula­ry Force’s headquarte­rs in St Andrew, said that the main sources of funding for criminal gangs are the proceeds from drug traffickin­g, weapons dealing, arms traffickin­g and extortion.

“l have been signalling the intentions of the law enforcemen­t community to go after the money.

“Last week we revealed that a high level investigat­ion is under way, following the seizure of US$3.8 million (approximat­ely J$ 585.7 million) and CAD$ 30,000 (approximat­ely J$3.6 million) during an antinarcot­ics operation in Western Jamaica. During the operation a vehicle was intercepte­d, and upon search, cocaine weighing 11 kilos, with a street value of J$88 million was found. One person remains in custody and the interviewi­ng process continues as part of the investigat­ion,” Anderson disclosed.

“This was the product of quality intelligen­ce and diligent police work. It was one of the largest seizure in our policing history, and I can assure you that while others may not be as large, there will be more,” he said.

He said that the police have been making significan­t efforts to disrupt the activities of the internatio­nal drug trade. He said that 59 persons, including 11 women, have been arrested in connection with the illicit trade, and more than 184 kilograms of cocaine, with a street value of US$9.2 million or J$1.4 billion, has been seized.

Additional­ly, the police say that they have also seized just over 7,400 kilograms of ganja, with US$19.5 million or J$3.1 billion.

“For decades the drug trade has fuelled crime and violence in our country. Like scamming, it is driving the acts of violence, spreading death, mayhem and pain in our communitie­s. Scamming continues to be one of the major drivers of violence in the country. Many of the murders, shootings and other acts of senseless violence can be directly attributed to conflicts among scammers, who sometimes hire gunmen to carry out their killings. It is driving the acts of violence spreading deaths, mayhem and pain in our communitie­s,” he said.

 ?? FILE ?? Antony Anderson.
FILE Antony Anderson.

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