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Woman robs mother and child


ACorporate Area woman who claimed that she was under pressure to repay a loan robbed a frightened mother of a bag that contained a cellphone, money and other personal items.

The victim was walking along a roadway with her six-year-old daughter when Davia Heath alighted from a car and demanded that she hand over her belongings. It was reported that Heath held on to her waist as if she had a gun.

Heath along with her co-accused, Shavone Brown and Mabreco Johnson, pleaded guilty to robbery with aggravatio­n when they appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

They also face an additional charge of unlawful possession of property. That matter will be heard on May 27.

It was reported that on April 2 at 8:22 p.m., the complainan­t observed a motor car driving past her. The vehicle then turned around and came to a stop at her feet.

Heath and Johnson exited the vehicle, then shortly after Heath said “Mada, just mek dis easy. Gimme everyting yuh have.” Heath further instructed the complainan­t to take her passport from her handbag, after which she grabbed the handbag which contained a cellphone, money and other personal items.

The complainan­t then reported the matter to the police, which was conveyed to the radio transmissi­on. A team, while on patrol along Maxfield Avenue, noticed a vehicle matching the descriptio­n of the robbers. The vehicle was stopped and searched, and the complainan­t’s items were found in addition to other stolen cellphones.

The court heard further that the vehicle being used by the robbers was rented to Brown a day before the incident took place.

When the defendants were cautioned by the police, Johnson reportedly said, “Offica, me did have some financial problems, dats why me dweet”.

Heath reportedly said: “Offica, me dweet because me owe me cousin dem some money and me did wah pay dem off.”

Brown, it is alleged, asked the police, “What is the maximum sentence?”

Cole-Montague requested a social enquiry report for all three defendants and they were remanded in custody until July 14.

An order was also made by the judge that the motor vehicle used in the robbery be released to its registered owner.

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