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Man struggles to satisfy his nine wives


Aman with nine wives has been forced to scrap a sex schedule. Arthur O Urso, from Brazil, made headlines last year after collective­ly marrying his nine female partners in a “protest against monogamy”, as he and his first wife Luana Kazaki are swingers.

Arthur has already been divorced by one wife and he has been struggling to satisfy the sexual demands of all the women. He did introduce a schedule for when he could make love, but found it too stressful sticking to it.

The Brazilian model said: “They all want to fulfil my sexuality at any cost. They are happy to make it their goal.

“Our sex life is really fun and pleasurabl­e, and initially I tried to have sex by appointmen­t.

“But following a timetable caused a lot of problems, and sometimes I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule, and not for pleasure.

“On other occasions,

I had sex with one wife, while thinking about another.”

Arthur claims that his sex life is now better than ever after he decided to let things “flow naturally”.

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