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Elvitcho teams with Quantanium Records for new EP


Dancehall artiste Elvitcho showcases his musical prowess on his latest EP titled Weed and Cold Drinks 2, which was produced by Spanish Town-based label Quantanium Records.

“The songs on the EP were inspired by my very own personal experience­s as well as those from friends. The project took roughly a week and three days to complete, which included recording the songs, mixing and mastering,” Elvitcho disclosed. This is his third EP.

Elvitcho, given name Jermaine Gillespie, formerly went by the name Vitch. He said he decided on a name change to expand his brand and take a different approach in the music.

Describing himself as a versatile artiste, the deejay continues to remain focused with his aim to reach for greatness. Maintainin­g a positive influence is at the forefront of his musical objectives.

“I believe that crime and violence can be quelled if the youth of today focus on education, hard work and perseveran­ce; and to also recognise that only these things can propel them to achieving their goals,” he said. The artiste has been doing music profession­ally for seven years.

“I was musically inspired by various artistes, and I was also told that I was good at building my rhymes and constructi­ng a song. All of that gave me the drive to continue this musical journey,” Elvitcho explained.

Maroon Queen, whose given name is Semonie Giles, said that she was well aware of the criminal elements at work in Jamaica two years ago.

“I understand that Jamaica has become a dangerous place. I have almost been a victim of extortioni­sts. I was robbed the other day, and I couldn’t prevent that from happening. Criminals have way too much power in this country. They can take our lives at a whim,” she said.

The FLA has maintained that there is no bias against women in the granting of licences. Statistics provided by the entity indicate that in the last five years, 57.5 per cent, or 898 of the 1,560 female applicants, were granted firearm licences.

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