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Witness says alleged gangsters used multiple cell numbers


An expert witness yesterday disclosed that the phone records data showed that incarcerat­ed alleged Clansman-One Don Gang top honchos, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, and and Jason ‘City Puss’ Brown, had at least four different cell numbers between January and August of 2019.

The police sergeant, who is assigned at the Communicat­ion Forensic and Cybercrime Division as a communicat­ions analyst, made the disclosure while giving evidence about the phone data informatio­n, including call data records, text messages, subscriber and cell site informatio­n which he had collected from the two main telecommun­ications service providers and analysed.

The 25-year police veteran, while presenting his analysis of the data amassed, referred to calls being placed by a number identified as ‘Teacher 4’ and another number identified as ‘City 4’, which was the receiver in a separate instance. The trial was previously told that ‘Teacher’ was one of Bryan’s nicknames while Brown was also known as ‘City Puss’. The cop explained that names with numbers attached were done to indicate the number of phone numbers which were attributed to a particular individual.

He further shared that he was able to attribute names and aliases to the callers and receivers based on text messages, witness statements, subscriber informatio­n and the contact list that were in the three cellphones that were used by a former gang member to secretly record conversati­ons with alleged gang members.

Bryan, the alleged leader of the One Don faction of the Clansman Gang, has been in custody since 2018 while Brown was convicted in 2012 on a murder charge along with alleged gang member Ricardo ‘Devil Youth’ Lawrence, and sentenced to 25 years to life. Both men were found guilty for the 2005 murder of Errol ‘Crackers’ Miller on Monk Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine. Brown had, however, maintained his innocence claiming the two main witnesses who he said are affiliates of the Clansman Gang implicated him because he had refused to join the gang and participat­e in extortion. He was, however, heard in the secret recordings which were played in court detailing how he had coerced persons from behind bars to pay over extortion monies to the gang.

Meanwhile, the witness also shared that there were several calls between the two ex-gang members, who are the prosecutio­n’s main witnesses, and some of the defendants. The witness will continue giving evidence today when the trial resumes before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes.

 ?? KENYON HEMANS ?? Alleged gangsters arrive at the Home Circuit Court as the Clansman-One Don gang trial resumed on Monday.
KENYON HEMANS Alleged gangsters arrive at the Home Circuit Court as the Clansman-One Don gang trial resumed on Monday.

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