The Star (Jamaica)

Testicle tanning has taken off


Men are tanning their testicles in a bid to become more macho. The practice, which is also known as red-light therapy, involves blasting the private parts with light to boost testostero­ne levels.

Testicle tanning has taken off recently after it was promoted by US news presenter Tucker Carlson in a trailer for the documentar­y, The End of Men —a film about the dip in male testostero­ne production.

It is believed that the bizarre therapy is growing in demand, with some claiming that it strengthen­s blood vessels and improves blood flow.

However, doctors are unimpresse­d with the tanning of the testicles — a concept that first emerged with the study of five men in 1939.

Dr Asif Muneer, a consultant urological surgeon and andrologis­t, said: “What is testicle tanning? There is no scientific evidence that this has any benefit.”

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