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Nuh Layce urges people to make good choices


Recording artiste Nuh Layce sings about friendship, boundaries and loyalty on his latest track Pick N Choose, featuring Elijah I Conrad. “I’m reminding everyone to be mindful of who they confide in. As the legendary Bob Marley said: ‘Your best friend can be your worst enemy.’ So to my people, be blessed, be true to yourself and others and when it’s time to make your choices, ‘pick and choose’,” the artiste said. The single is featured on the Sad Truth rhythm.

“During my last trip to Jamaica, myself and Elijah I Conrad happened to be at Swagg Boss Ze1ro’s studio while he was making the beat for this song. He heard us freestylin­g and thought it would be an excellent collaborat­ion,” Nuh Layce revealed. With an outpouring of love from Jamaica, Europe and the USA, the artiste hopes the track will have a major impact.

“I hope to create a stronger bond between friends, family and other people who share similar interests. Day to day, we experience people making the wrong decisions in all different aspects of life, so please think logically, pick and choose,” he said.

While he has been doing music for the past 10 years, Nuh Layce has been on the scene for the past four years, showcasing his talent through Jamaican pop music. Currently based in Miami, Florida, the artiste has released singles like Try Again and Bad Man Zone. As he gears up for the release of his new EP, he is expecting to put out more singles, as well as official visuals for Try Again.

“Right now, I’m looking forward to my trip to Europe and Africa after I complete the remaining work on my EP,” he said.

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