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Skip Marley wants to be the ‘Change’


The phrase ‘ Mama didn’t raise no fool’ comes to mind when speaking to Grammy Award-nominated artiste Skip Marley.

He spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR about recent achievemen­ts and endeavours, including the remixed version of his song, Lions, being unveiled as the official song of the 2022 CONCACAF Women’s Championsh­ip. The championsh­ip remix incorporat­es new lyrics written specifical­ly for the competitio­n’s ‘WE BELONG’ campaign. It also features additional vocals of his mother, Cedella Marley.

“My mom is one of the hardest working people I know. Actually, she is the hardest working person I know. I am glad to be her son. Love mommy every time and me hope fi always represent for her, you know what I mean,” Skip Marley said. He also hailed women who compete in profession­al sports for their passion and determinat­ion.

“When me watch women’s sports, women balling, I see the heart and strength they put into their game, and, when they take the field, they deserve that respect as a man would get. It’s just that crazy when you see all that they go through; dem nuh get the same resources the male teams get. They have a lot of fights. So, I translate it [the song] to apply to the girls,” he said.

Skip Marley expressed the view that the women have been making a change, and change for the betterment of society, in all forms, is good. It is the inspiratio­n for the new release Change which was produced and co-written by Grammy Awardnomin­ated songwriter and producer Oscar Holter.

“We want change. When you look around in society, everyone wants change, and, for the world community, change is a must and change is necessary. There are so many things we have to change, so why not make the change today? Why not give some love away? Love is free, why not try to make the change or help make the change you can see? It is possibilit­y,” he said. “For me, the change I want to make is to be a better Skip. I want to be a positive impact on the world and music. Music can make a change in how we contribute to society. So that’s my thing, to keep doing that, to be a light with the right things. I also want to pick up some more instrument­s and get back into the learning of them and polish my skills.”

The Slow Down artiste will also be embarking on the second leg of his solo tour this month.

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