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Savage Savo claims ‘Fresh Prince of Dancehall’ title

- SADE GARDNER Staff Reporter

Savage Savo is gearing up to release his Fresh Prince of Dancehall EP. But it is more than a musical project, it is a title he is claiming in the ‘King-contentiou­s’ space.

“Me nuh know if it’s an ego thing with me or what, but me consider myself one of the top runners in the business, if not the top runner,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR. “It’s all about promotion, though, but fi believe inna myself. Mi a di ‘fresh prince of dancehall’ because mi nuh see no other artiste out deh, otherwise from Vybz Kartel and a few others, weh a do the thing like me. So mi a claim it before anybody else try claim it and, if dem claim it, me and dem a go inna problems. Everybody a run down fi be the king, mi a seh prince.”

The title conundrum has seen Yellowman, Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel all calling themselves king of dancehall, while there are debates on whether Spice is the queen, despite Minister Marion Hall ditching her Lady Saw persona and turning to Christendo­m. Despite her name being included in the conversati­on, Shenseea has often said she is not interested and, instead, aspires to cross over. While the younger generation seems disinteres­ted in such titles, Savage Savo said avoiding titles is still a form of categorisa­tion.

“Mi really applaud her [Shenseea] because mi like fi see when artistes take the music pon a different level. So, whatever she a do work fi she, but everybody try different strategies,” he said.

“Mi nuh see myself a do certain things fi gain public admiration or hype fi mek people a talk bout me. ‘ Fresh prince of dancehall’ is something I know will raise eyebrows.”

The EP will be released on June 3 through his Savage Ent imprint. It will feature five tracks, including Fresh Prince.

“That song has a more European bounce to it and mi a sing ‘bout all the brands that people are going crazy over right now,” he said, adding that the song promotes dancing like the ‘fresh prince’ move, and carries a similar tempo of Laa Lee’s Dirt Bounce and Leggo Di Bird.

“Mi have a next track called

Lyrical Supernova which is going to create some waves also. Those two tracks don’t sound like any other song you’ve ever heard before, because mi change mi vocals completely.”

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