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Carlene fêted at birthday celebratio­n

- SADE GARDNER Staff Reporter

Just like the video light was fixated on her across events in the ‘90s, cameras were again on Carlene Smith as she celebrated her birthday at


Meca in

Kingston on Tuesday night.

Though the ‘Dancehall Tuesdays’ host had her own VIP section, she was rarely there, instead mingling with loved ones and supporters, stopping to take photos and videos. Tributes poured in for the original dancehall queen, including toasts to her contributi­on to dancehall and her philanthro­pic efforts.

In a set-up with Stone Love’s Randy Rich, entertaine­r Trippple X challenged Carlene to do her iconic ‘butterfly’ dance move, and with the drop of Beenie Man and Chevelle Franklin’s Dancehall Queen,

Carlene assumed the position and gave attendees a piece of her creation. “When everybody a skin up dem nose pon dancehall, Carlene was the ambassador that brought ht it to the world, that brought ught prestige to the ‘Dancehall hall Queen’ crown,” Trippple eX X said. “You have many weh follow inna yuh footsteps … but nobody has reached your our level of notoriety with this his crown, and mi like weh you ou a do with your career right ght now, a help people… .”

He called up singjay ay D’Angel, who had earlier er done an a cappella rendition n of Stronger for Carlene, e, and the entertaine­r wished d her success and greatness. s.


“You’re fabulous; fabulous then, fabulous even more now, and I had to be here because together as females, we are stronger. So, we have to embrace each other and support each other as females. That’s the only way we a go survive,” she said.

D’Angel called up Carlene’s daughter, Crystal Davis, who grew emotional before finishing her short speech. She told THE STAR that she wished Carlene many more blessings, riches, wealth and happiness.

“I just wish her the best and for her to just keep being the human being she’s been, inside and out. You know the loving heart that she always has, not just for me, but for others around her,” she said. The female support continued with Lisa Hyper revealing that Carlene was a primary inspiratio­n for her initial dance ambitions. The tale was similar for Mad Michelle, who recalled being in awe of the “dolly” she saw on TV, who inspired her to be a dancer. Olympian-turnedarti­ste DecaJams described her as a humanitari­an and trendsette­r. Praises also came from Pamputtae, Razor B and Renee SixThirty.

Carlene’s proceeds from the party (including donations) will go towards cancer care at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Her business partner, Michael Dawson, commended Carlene’s use of dancehall to bring awareness to such issues and improve lives. Carlene, who recently shaved her head to support her sister’s battle with cancer, rocked a hot- pink lace unit in honour of the cause.

“I love the turnout,” Carlene told THE STAR. “You don’t take anything for granted. You invite people, they make the effort. It’s a Tuesday and they’re still here, and I totally appreciate it.”

 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D PHOTOS ?? Carlene lymes with business partner Michael Dawson.
CONTRIBUTE­D PHOTOS Carlene lymes with business partner Michael Dawson.
 ?? ?? Carlene (left) and daughter Crystal Davis.
Carlene (left) and daughter Crystal Davis.

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