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Dog owners are among the happiest


Research has found that people who have dogs have more “meaningful” interactio­ns, one-to-one encounters that boost their overall mood, than those who do not own a pet.

The findings also revealed that dog owners benefit from walking their canine companions, as 31 per cent feel less lonely as a result.

James Loder, from More Than Insurance — which commission­ed the study with the charity Dogs for Good — said: “The physical and mental benefits of dog ownership speak for themselves.

“Dog owners have more opportunit­ies for social interactio­n, and our research shows we also make far more meaningful connection­s, thanks to our four-legged friends.

“We want to shine a spotlight on our relationsh­ip with dogs so that more people can benefit from this, particular­ly those with disabiliti­es, whose lives can be impacted even more substantia­lly by establishi­ng a strong relationsh­ip with dogs and fully harnessing the benefits they can bring.”

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