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Pamputtae seeking sponsors for Single Mother Foundation

- SADE GARDNER Staff Reporter

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae is seeking sponsors for her Single Mother Foundation. The charity, which celebrated its threeyear milestone yesterday, has aided mothers in need through community treats, care packages, school supplies, and even a listening ear from Pamputtae herself.

“I need some sponsorshi­p, especially because the whole COVID situation kinda mash me up in terms of the things I wanted to do through the foundation,” the artiste told THE STAR.

Included is her desire to give back to mothers at the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation in St Andrew. Pamputtae, who got pregnant with her first child at 15, can relate to the fears of being a teen mom and wants to use her position and testimony to help and inspire ladies there.

“I want to visit the Women’s Centre so mi a try get some sponsors to get some gift bags with rags, toothbrush, pads, stuff like that, and go in and talk to them,” she said. “When I got pregnant, I never knew a thing, frustratio­n woulda kill me. So, mi woulda really waan go up there. Nuff time mi see the mothers dem, the likkle girls dem, sometimes it’s not even the boyfriend get them pregnant; a some a dem uncle, brother, family members, one neighbour …. Frustratio­n woulda kill dem and there’s no babyfather beside them, so mi know how it go.”

As she works on materialis­ing this, she is celebratin­g her foundation’s anniversar­y with a giveaway through the ‘Single Mother Queen’ challenge. Running until May 22, participat­ing mothers are expected to make a video highlighti­ng their favourite verse from Pamputtae’s Single Mother song, with the track playing in the background. Additional instructio­ns are stated on the deejay’s Instagram page. Three winners will be selected based on highest views, with a $10,000 cash prize going to the first-place contestant.

With persons in many countries celebratin­g Mother’s Day last Sunday, Pamputtae had encouragin­g words for women who have no biological children.

“I want to tell some of the ladies that can’t have kids and will never have kids, or aren’t ready yet to have kids, don’t feel left out, ‘cause Mother’s Day, nuff a dem feel bad to a point where they don’t tell anyone ‘Happy Mother’s Day’…. Nuff of dem are doing more good and even better than a mother that gives birth,” she said. “So I just want to tell them cheer up, don’t feel bad. God knows everything best and you don’t have to have a child to be a mother.”

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