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Shella Topstar readies for Reggae Sumfest


Dancehall artiste Shella Topstar is ready to embrace the experience of a lifetime, as he is slated to perform on Night One of this year’s Reggae Sumfest on July 22.

Promising a profession­al, highenergy performanc­e, he hopes to tap into a wider fan base and become further establishe­d in the music industry.

“This is my first time performing for a mixture of both internatio­nal and local audiences, so what’s most exciting for me is to have the opportunit­y to showcase my talent at Reggae Sumfest,” he said. Known for singles like Strap, Prove Dem Wrong and Daily, Shella Topstar is working towards making new music that connects with listeners on a deeper level.

“The kind of songs that I will be releasing will address relevant topics in our culture, both here in Jamaica and abroad. I will sustain my presence in dancehall music by promoting and giving young talent the same opportunit­y that was given to me to express my musical talent and abilities,” he stated. He plans to use his Sumfest opportunit­y to perform his new single Kerocene, which was officially released on May 6.

“This track is about a female who’s willing to do anything for her partner, even in the depths of danger, and showcases extreme loyalty,” the artiste explained.

Following this new release is another song titled Badness Rave, which is slated to be released this month. Described as a vibe song with a focus on life and happiness, the track will be followed by a hardcore love song titled Aggression, which is scheduled for a June release.

“The objective of all these releases is to cover a wide range of songs offering something different for my fans,” the artiste revealed. He is also working on his second EP titled Ying Yang, which will be released shortly after Reggae Sumfest.

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CONTRIBUTE­D Shella Topstar

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