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DAD’S CREEPY FRIEND is trying to


Dear F.M.,

I am going to suggest that you make all your plans to get a good education. This man who is a friend of your father’s might be able to give you some money and to buy more chicken and chips for you, but I doubt that his goal is to see that you get an education. You know what he is after and he knows what he is after. But you need an education, which will be permanent.

You have not said the reason why you want to go to America but if it is to get an education, you are on the right track. Nothing can take the place of having a good education. It is said that education is the best way forward. You are 19 years old; you have many precious years before you. Don’t allow anyone to take those years away from you.

You should talk to your boyfriend about what this man is saying to you and you should not go anywhere with this older man. The opportunit­ies abroad are vast. You did not say whether your boyfriend is in university, but what both of you probably should do is to meet with a career counsellor and discuss your future with the individual. Hold your head high and don’t be distracted at all. Let me know what progress you are making.


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