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1Quan ready to take career higher


Having recorded a handful of songs, newcomer 1Quan believes that he is ready to take his career to new heights.

“Mi naah really try bring nutten to the table ya enuh. Mi a come inna di music as a carpenter fi either extend di table or build a new one because mi an mi fren dem want food too,” he explained. Despite being surrounded by negativity, 1Quan chose music, remaining on a positive path.

“It has been a struggle enuh. Inna my community [ Wilton Gardens, popularly known as Rema], the struggle has been between badness and music, and music is the way me choose,” he said. The artiste, given name Daquan Leonard Scott, is a former student of the Clan Carthy High in east Kingston. Describing himself as versatile, he is inspired by the happenings in and around Rema and his personal experience­s.

“Me sing what me see. Mi just see mi self as a billboard fi display the life of the ghetto. Mi a gamer enuh so mi waah hear mi song inna [video game series] Grand Theft Auto. Mi want mi songs dem fi be in movie soundtrack­s. Mi waah walk on red carpets and collect the most prestigiou­s awards. Mi have people who mi waah help elevate demself out of this poverty curse yah,” he said.

1Quan, who is signed to Floridabas­ed Da’Rel Music, has worked with producers like Rahno, Lanz and Blakk Jezas. His other musical offerings include Petrified and Booty Clap.

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