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Jay Blaza drops fiery single for the ladies


With the outdoor party season drawing near, dancehall artiste Jay Blaza has decided to ramp up promotion behind his single Twerk, which was released to digital stores earlier this year.

His team at PTF Records will also be carrying out a global release for the project on May 27, in a bid to broaden the artiste’s reach while gaining traction. Jay Blaza said that Twerk has been one of his most impactful releases to date.

“This single has already begun making waves and I believe that it has the potential to dominate the party scene, especially this summer. The track is a feel-good single for my ladies and so far, they seem to be enjoying it. My team has a campaign set in place and so far it has proven to be successful,” he said.

While Jay Blaza continues to promote Twerk, he shared that he is also working on an upcoming EP that will be produced by PTF Records. The label’s producer, Nigel Angus, said that Jay Blaza is a unique type of dancehall artiste.

“His versatilit­y is one of the main characteri­stics that influenced me to work with him. Since partnering with PTF, Jay has managed to make much- needed marketing adjustment­s while putting himself in a new branding direction. I am confident that Jay Blaza will become a household name sooner rather than later,” he said.

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