LUXE City Guides - Tokyo - - Aoyama Ii -

Be­gin at the Taro Okamoto Me­mo­rial Mu­seum / 6-1-19 Mi­nami-aoyama. With your back to the mu­seum, head left and left again onto the main road and about 100m up on your left is 60s res­i­den­tial block Palace Aoyama (opp. the stun­ningly re­vamped Nezu Mu­seum (see Ac­tiv­i­ties)). Here, ex­plore a row of ateliers incl. Arts & Sci­ence / arts-sci­ence. com / spa­ces sell­ing hand­crafted shoes and fash­ion, plus mute-hued earth­en­ware and home faff at Hi­gashi Aoyama / 3400 5525. Exit left, head up to the cross­roads and turn left. Af­ter the next in­ter­sec­tion, down­stairs on the left in From 1st, is Haku­san / 5774 8850 / for chic porce­lain, while up­stairs is Kara­nis Glass Gallery / 3406 1440 / for lo­cally made glass­ware and art. Exit, and keep an eye out for eco fash at Plain Peo­ple / 6419 0978 / and Tsumori Chisato opp. Turn left at iconic bub­ble-wrapped Prada, then left again for casj out­doorsy-wear (m) at Mu­seum of Your His­tory / 6418 5094 / on the left, charm­ing Fifi et Fafa / 5774 0853 / on the right for one-off frocks + jew­els, then Un­der­cover fur­ther down on the left. Re­trace your steps to the Tjunc­tion, but in­stead of turn­ing right back to Prada, dog­leg left then right and just af­ter Miu Miu is Bapex­clu­sive Aoyama / 3407 2145 / for su­per ‘it’ gear. Exit left for edgy Rat Hole Gallery / 6419 3581 / down the way, then skip to the end of the lane and go right up to the Comme store on the main road. Opp. is cash-dis­solv­ing vin­tage/de­signer at Love­less / 3401 2301. You can ei­ther exit Love­less, turn right and keep go­ing un­til you come to Aoyama Dori. Straight on is natty-shoppy Omote­sando Dori (see Ac­tiv­i­ties/takeshita St.), a longish but pleas­ant pas­sage, with the beau­ti­ful Meiji Shrine at the end (see Ac­tiv­i­ties). Or, exit Love­less right then right again, check out mini tra­di­tional sweet store HIGASHIYA / 5414 3881, then head down to the flower joint and turn left for flan­tas­tic patis­serie Qu’il Fait Bon / 5414 7741 / on your left. Just opp. is girly-twirly wear at Ca­bane de Zucca. A lit­tle fur­ther on is Stras­burgo / 3470 6367 / with hand­some m/w suit­ing in bold fab­rics, then cont. on to Aoyama Dori and turn right for chunky, spunky glass and acrylic baubles at Abiste / 3402 8117. High kick!

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