LUXE City Guides - Tokyo - - Aoyama Ii -

This charmer is chokka with sharp bou­tiques. Have your cab drop you at swish com­plex Daikanyama T-site / 3770 2525 / on Kyu-ya­mate Dori, home to sprawl­ing Tsu­taya Book­store (see V. Use­ful). Exit the site left – not­ing Caffè Michelan­gelo / 3770 9517 / opp. for ter­race java/eats – and walk on to TK’S best denim store Hol­ly­wood Ranch Mar­ket / 3463 5668 / / and int’l brand hub Via Bus Stop / 5459 1567. Re­trace and turn right just af­ter Ranch Mar­ket; Nîmes / 3463 0526 / is on the left for French stripey sep­a­rates, then turn right af­ter Nîmes and look for the scis­sor sign of Den­ham The Jean­maker / 3463 2258. Ei­ther exit Den­ham left then go left and con­tinue 20m to find togs à la mode at Saru­gaku mini mall on the right, or cross over to the wooden deck com­plex for Kodomo BEAMS / 5428 4844 / with cool kids’ clob­ber, and Bjirushi Yoshida / 5428 5951 / for chic sacs. Carry on to the junc­tion and straight ahead is un­marked Okura / 3461 8511 / for snug­gly, earthy cloth­ing, then ex­it­ing Okura right, nip down­stairs for or­ganic bites at Bom­bay Bazaar / 3461 8512. Hai, domo... / cont’d

Exit, turn left and just past Okura is rugged cloth­ier Jour­ney / 3461 8506, plus out-there foot candy (m/w) at Al­fredo Ban­nis­ter on the left, and Bon­jour Records / bon­ / on the right. Take the next left af­ter Ban­nis­ter and 10m along is Onit­suka Tiger / 5489 1711 / for Kill Bill kicks. Exit left then spin left again into the tiny al­ley to find hid­den Mukuri / 5458 6991 / closed Thu / for pot­tery, tex­tiles and a green tea café. Exit right and con­tinue ahead past the cross­ing to find neat tenugui fab­rics at Ka­mawanu / 3780 0182, then at the main road go left un­til you meet play­ful style stars Su­nao Kuwa­hara / 5728 2897 / and Tsumori Chisato / 5728 3225, part of La Fuente Daikanyama mall. Choices. Exit left and wan­der on for retro h/ware and an­tiques, or re­trace and cross over to the gi­ant sun­flower, fol­low­ing the street down the hill for more spiffy stores, check­ing out bub­b­li­cious tea shop Chun Sui Tang / 6804 0234 / while you’re at it. Famished? Con­tinue down the road, turn­ing right un­der the foot­bridge, then walk up­hill. Just past Daikanyama sta­tion is semi al­fresco Sign / 3780 9570 / where you can grab a nib­ble. Still zesty? Turn left at the back of the sta­tion for more retail fun.

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