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Diet eulogy for Abe likely to be postponed


e Liberal Democratic Party has decided not to deliver a memorial speech for former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the extraordin­ary Diet session to be convened on July 27, according to several senior party members.

Former LDP Secretary General Akira Amari was originally scheduled to deliver the speech on Aug. 5 at a plenary session of the House of Representa­tives. Amari was said to have been chosen based on the wishes of Abe’s bereaved family, but some members of the ruling and opposition parties said the speaker should be chosen from among former prime ministers.

Some opposition parties are opposed to the state funeral planned on Sept. 27, and a senior LDP o cial said the LDP deemed it “better to avoid a situation where opposition party members walk out or bombard a speaker with boos and jeers.”

The LDP is now considerin­g holding a eulogy speech sometime after autumn, while it monitors preparatio­ns for a state funeral. (July 30)

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