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Govt to start giving additional points to households that save electricit­y this winter

- The Yomiuri Shimbun

Households and businesses will be awarded points for conserving electricit­y under a government program to be launched this winter, it has been learned.

Cutting electricit­y use by 3% or more compared to the same month last year will earn households points worth ¥1,000 a month and businesses points worth ¥20,000 a month.

e government’s energy-saving scheme is expected to run from December to March 2023.

e points will be on top of planned rewards to be o ered by electricit­y rms, and people will be able to use the points for shopping and other purposes.

Under the government scheme, electricit­y users who cooperate in saving energy during designated periods when supply is tight will earn additional points. Energy savers will be offered points worth up to ¥40 for every kilowatt per hour they conserve.

Only customers of participat­ing electricit­y suppliers will receive the points. More than 200 electricit­y rms had applied to join the scheme by the end of September.

Energy-saver points have been awarded by some rms since August, with household customers receiving points worth ¥2,000 and businesses receiving points worth ¥200,000. (Oct. 8)

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