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SDF to dispatch potent MCV to Yonaguni for first time


The Self-Defense Forces were for the rst time to dispatch a Type 16 mobile combat vehicle to Yonaguni Island in Okinawa Prefecture, the country’s westernmos­t island, Defense Ministry sources said.

The MCV was to be deployed for Keen Sword, a Japan-U.S. joint exercise that is the largest of its kind and set to be held in the Nansei Islands and other areas from ursday.

MCVs are equipped with powerful guns and are capable of traveling at speeds of around 100 kph. They can also be transporte­d by Air Self-Defense Force transport aircraft. The dispatch is aimed at strengthen­ing defense in the southweste­rn region.

According to the ministry’s Joint

Staff Office, the MCV was to be loaded onto a C-2 transport aircraft at Tsuiki Air Base in Fukuoka Prefecture on Nov. 17 and transporte­d to Yonaguni Airport as part of a training exercise to quickly concentrat­e forces on the Nansei Islands. The vehicle was to travel on public roads from the airport to Camp Yonaguni on Yonaguni Island. (Nov. 10)

 ?? The Yomiuri Shimbun ?? A Type 16 mobile combat vehicle
The Yomiuri Shimbun A Type 16 mobile combat vehicle

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