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Govt to strengthen measures against spiritual sales

- The Yomiuri Shimbun

e government intends to strengthen measures against so-called spiritual sales tactics, in response to problems linked to the Uni cation Church, formally known as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unication, according to sources.

e government plans to include in its second supplement­ary budget for scal 2022 funding for such measures as providing nancial assistance to local government­s to combat such tactics, which have been used by the Uni cation Church as well as improving services of the National Consumer Affairs Center, the sources said.

Speci cally, ¥500 million will be allocated as a special subsidy to fully fund measures by local government­s to ght malicious business practices, including spiritual sales tactics that involve preying on people’s fears to cajole them into buying items at exorbitant prices.

e government also intends to extend the search period for informatio­n on consultati­on cases on PIO-NET, an informatio­n network linking the National Consumer Affairs Center and local government consumer a airs entities.

Another envisaged measure is to conduct online training for consumer a airs counselors regarding spiritual sales tactics in order to reinforce the consultati­on system.

To prevent problems from spiritual sales, the government will aim to enhance consumer education by creating educationa­l materials and videos to raise awareness, according to the sources. (Nov. 6)

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