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Skymark applies for relisting on TSE after shoring up base


Skymark Airlines, the budget carrier that went bankrupt in 2015, has applied to be relisted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, e Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

As restrictio­ns imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic are eased and people are starting to travel more o en, Skymark is aiming to strengthen its nancial foundation with a view to expanding its route network.

e Tokyo-based airline could be relisted as soon as this year, according to some observers.

Skymark sank into the red due to intensifyi­ng competitio­n among other reasons and

led for bankruptcy protection under the Civil Rehabilita­tion Law in 2015.

By withdrawin­g from unpro table routes and reducing its eet, Skymark cut costs and improved its business performanc­e. Before the pandemic battered Skymark and plunged its operations into di culty again, the company had hoped to be relisted.

Skymark has been shoring up its nancial base through steps such as capital boosts underwritt­en by existing shareholde­rs. (Nov. 4)

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