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During the last few years most international travellers will have become accustomed to using the Tripadvisor website as a reference point for recommendations for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and areas of natural beauty. Tripadvisor uses visitors’ comments to establish a rank, or league table, of services per location and whilst one cannot always be entirely sure of each commentator’s authenticity, the logic is that over time and with a sufficient number of comments, a balanced judgment of comparative value and quality will emerge. Tripadvisor opened its site to airline comments in 2017 and has just produced a global ranking for 2018. I am pleased to say that following 589 comments from travellers from more than 30 countries (at the time of writing), Air Astana has emerged as the top-ranked regional airline. I would like to thank you, our customers, for your support, and my colleagues for making this happen. We will continue to work to improve service quality, and we always welcome your comments and suggestions.

We will shortly start services between Astana and Tyumen in southern Russia. This is the seventh city to which Air Astana flies in the Russian Federation, more than any other foreign airline, and we look forward to welcoming customers from Tyumen and the surrounding region onto our expanding network with its award-winning service.

I wish you a pleasant flight with Air Astana today.

Yours truly,

Peter Foster

President & CEO

Air Astana

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