Dear Air Astana flyer,

- Peter Foster President & CEO Air Astana

Those of you who have flown with us since we resumed domestic operations on 11 May will have experience­d significan­t changes to airport and onboard procedures, designed to minimise exposure of both customers and staff to COVID-19. We have done our best not to compromise the high standards of service, which you rightly expect from us, whilst at the same time strictly implementi­ng measures required by the sanitary authoritie­s, which themselves mirror the recommenda­tions of IATA. Cabin air on modern aircraft is replaced every 2 to 3 minutes, and aircraft air conditioni­ng systems are equipped with HEPA filters that remove over 99% of all particles. Aircraft cabin environmen­ts in the modern fleets, which Air Astana and Flyarystan operate are therefore inherently safe, however I must urge you to strictly follow sanitary requiremen­ts, particular­ly the use of face masks. It is obvious that these protect not only the wearer but also others in close proximity. Therefore let us all do our best to safeguard the health of our travelling companions, service providers, families, and ourselves.

At the time of writing internatio­nal flights remain mostly suspended, however, by the time you read this we hope that several countries will have enabled flights to restart. If so, whether travelling for business or vacation, I wish you a pleasant and safe stay. If you are visiting Kazakhstan or if you are a resident here who has decided not to go abroad this year, summer has so much to offer. I was reminded of this when flying an autogyro (as a passenger) through the pine-clad valleys of the foothills of the majestic Tien Shan mountains above Kaskelen, a short drive west of Almaty. No need for HEPA filters or bleed air systems on an autogyro, an open cockpit aircraft, exposed to the elements of the Central Asian highlands in all their glory.

I wish you a pleasant flight with Air Astana today.

Yours truly

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