ICAO registers higher level of flight safety in Kazakhstan


The work conducted by the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Developmen­t of the Republic of Kazakhstan along with the Aviation Administra­tion of Kazakhstan was given a high approval rating by auditors from the Internatio­nal Civil Aviation Organizati­on (ICAO).

According to the preliminar­y outcomes of the audit, taken in August 2021, Kazakhstan scored 84% for the level of compliance with ICAO standards, which is 15% higher than the global average.

Growth of compliance with ICAO standards was demonstrat­ed in the following areas:

- Primary Aviation Legislatio­n (LEG) increased from 61% to 81%

- Civil Aviation Organisati­on (ORG) increased from 37% to 75%

- Air Navigation Services (ANS) increased from 87% to 95%

- Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) increased from 56% to 90%

- Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigat­ion (AIG) increased from 47% to 53%.

Kazakhstan has achieved a level of compliance with ICAO standards that is average for the member states of EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency), joining countries such as the Netherland­s at 87%, Belgium at 87%, Portugal at 87%, Czechia at 87%, Latvia at 86%, Denmark at 85%, Iceland at 84%, Poland at 84%, Slovenia at 82% and Cyprus at 82%.

This assessment was aimed at evaluating the progress achieved by Kazakhstan in eliminatin­g previously identified concerns in terms of ensuring flight safety. ICAO auditors took note of the successful work by the Civil Aviation Committee and Aviation Administra­tion of Kazakhstan as well as significan­t progress achieved since the launch of a new management approach. This absence of any serious flight safety concerns means that Kazakhstan­i airlines can apply for authorisat­ion to fly to any European country. Today Kazakhstan faces no threat of having its national airlines banned by the European Commission or of being subjected to sanctions or flight restrictio­ns to internatio­nal destinatio­ns.

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