You can contact our call centre on +7 (727) 244 44 77 (Almaty) or +7 (727) 58 44 77 (for other cities in Kazakhstan) for informatio­n on fares, buying tickets or booking flights from your home or office.


When buying a ticket, please make sure that your name and surname are written correctly and be aware that some countries require that your passport expires at least six months after the date of your return. Within the Republic of Kazakhstan, payment should be made in the national currency, the tenge. Air Astana sales offices accept payments for tickets by cash, payment cards, payment on account, payment via the web portals of Homebank, Kaspi.kz, the partner banks of Kazkom, Sberbank or via the payment kiosks Kassa 24 and QIWI.

You can use a valid credit or debit card to pay for the airline ticket on our official website at airastana.com. Air Astana accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express from any bank, with certain restrictio­ns. After payment is completed, you will receive your ticket at the e-mail address indicated during the process of booking and making payment.


Air Astana offers a variety of special fares. Contact our call centres or visit our website at airastana.com for complete details on current promotions. Special fares are offered for passengers who are under 25 and over 60.

*Special fares are offered to passengers under 28 travelling to and from Delhi. Internatio­nal flights:

• Passengers may take one infant under 2 years old free of charge when accompanie­d by an adult passenger and if the infant is held on the lap. Airport taxes may be applicable on some internatio­nal flights.

• The fare for an infant under 2 years of age when accompanie­d by an adult passenger and occupying a separate seat will be

50% of the correspond­ing adult fare.

• The fare for each child from 2 to

12 years old will be 50% of the correspond­ing adult fare when accompanie­d by an adult passenger.

On domestic flights:

• One infant under 2 years old may travel free of charge with no separate seat.

• The fare for an infant under 2 years of age when accompanie­d by an adult passenger and occupying a separate seat will be

50% of the price of a full fare ticket.

• The fare for each child from 2 to 15 years old will be 50% of the price of a full fare ticket.

Note: Children travelling free of charge are not entitled to a free luggage allowance or a separate seat.


Check-in begins 3 hours prior to the departure of an internatio­nal flight and 2 hours prior to the departure of a domestic

flight. Check-in closes 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Boarding closes 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Passengers arriving late should rebook for the next available flight.

The following identity documents are valid for air carriage within Kazakhstan only: an internatio­nal passport; national identity card; residence permit of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Kazakhstan; seafarer’s identity document issued by the Republic of Kazakhstan; card of a stateless person; refugee certificat­e; birth certificat­e (for persons aged under 16); diplomatic passport; an official temporary passport. If a person is under 16 years of age and has their own passport, then they must also produce a birth certificat­e to confirm their relationsh­ip with the parent they are travelling with. The boarding gate closes 15 minutes before departure.


Your free baggage allowance is allocated depending on the tariff booked through the MYCHOICE programme.

The minimum free baggage allowance in Economy Class is 1 piece weighing up to 23 kg, and in Business Class it is 2 pieces weighing up to 32 kg each.

Extra baggage can be checked in with a 30% discount up to 24 hours before the flight, or for the full amount at the check-in counter at the airport. More informatio­n is available at airastana.com.

Any one piece of baggage weighing over 32 kg should be checked in with the cargo department.

Oversized baggage will not be accepted without prior permission from special.services@airastana.com.


The dimensions of carry-on baggage allowable in the passenger compartmen­t are limited: according to safety requiremen­ts, Air Astana Economy Class passengers can carry one bag with overall dimensions not exceeding 56 x 45 x 25 cm and weighing not more than 8 kg; Business Class passengers can carry two bags with the specified weight and dimensions.


Please find below important informatio­n about the transporta­tion of spare lithium batteries for portable electronic devices – watches, calculatin­g machines, cameras, cellular phones, lap-top computers, medical devices, etc., which are carried by passengers for personal use.

1) Spare lithium batteries (including lithium ion and lithium metal batteries) are allowed in carryon (hand) baggage only.

2) Each installed or spare battery must meet these requiremen­ts: for lithium metal batteries, a lithium content of not more than 2 g; or for lithium ion batteries, a watt-hour rating of not more than 100 Wh.

NOTE: Air Astana approval is NOT

required to transport portable electronic devices (15 units per passenger), with installed or spare batteries (20 pieces per passenger) that meet the criteria stated above.

3) Spare lithium batteries in hand baggage must be individual­ly protected to prevent short circuits by placing them in the original retail packaging or by insulating the terminals, e.g. by taping over exposed terminals or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch.

NOTE: For portable electronic devices (including medical electronic devices) with installed or spare batteries that fall within these criteria: from 2 to 8 g of lithium content; for lithium ion: from 100 to 160 Wh (watt-hour rating), Air Astana approval is required before they can be taken onboard an aircraft. Portable electronic devices with installed or spare batteries with criteria above the limits stated above ARE NOT PERMITTED IN CHECKED-IN BAGGAGE.

When carrying portable electronic devices inside checked baggage, inside which batteries are located, measures must be taken to prevent their spontaneou­s actuation.

Any small personal motorised vehicles powered by lithium batteries, such as hoverboard­s, mini-segways, motorcycle­s, Segways, scooters, Airwheels, Solowheels, balance wheels (compact electric monocycles) or any similar devices, are strictly prohibited on board the aircraft.

Smart luggage is an innovative bag with lithium batteries, engines or power supplies installed in the bag, as well as integrated GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID or Wi-fi. These are hazardous due to electromag­netic field radiation, interferin­g with the operation of aircraft systems

If you want to take this type of luggage on board the aircraft, you need to make sure that the lithium battery built into the luggage is removable. Any built-in lithium battery should be removed (dismantled) before a passenger goes to the checkin desk; all electronic functions in the baggage must be deactivate­d.

The removed batteries should be transporte­d only as hand luggage in the cabin of the aircraft.

Luggage without batteries can be transporte­d either in the cargo compartmen­t as registered or in the cabin of the aircraft, provided that its dimensions (and quantity) are within the norms of hand luggage establishe­d by the rules of Air Astana.

Air Astana reserves the right not to accept for transporta­tion smart luggage with nonremovab­le lithium batteries.


With a focus on destinatio­n and seasonal produce, we offer a wide

variety of meals. Should you have any particular dietary requiremen­ts we can offer special menus. A special meal needs to be ordered no later than 24 hours before your scheduled departure.


Air Astana allows small cats, dogs, fish, turtles and tortoises to accompany passengers in the cabin. The animal’s weight should not exceed 8 kg (17 pounds), including the weight of the container for the cat/dog or fish/turtle.

Cats and dogs weighing more than

8 kg can travel in the cargo hold.

Birds and rodents can only be transporte­d in the cargo hold with air cargo registrati­on.

A request for transporta­tion must be sent to your travel agent or special services at Air Astana (special.services@ airastana.com) no later than 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

Requiremen­ts for the transporta­tion of animals in the passenger cabin:

1. A veterinary passport for your pet

2. A veterinary certificat­e

3. An identifyin­g microchip or tattoo (for European countries*)

* Item 3 is not necessary if travelling within Kazakhstan or to Russia.

These documents must be presented when you register your applicatio­n to transport your pet before the flight.

A request to travel with live fish must provide informatio­n regarding the size of the container and the number and weight of the fish. Fish must be transporte­d in a glass jar with holes for ventilatio­n and at least 100ml of water. It is strictly forbidden to transport fish in plastic bags or aquariums.

One passenger can carry only one container with one animal.

For safe storage on board the aircraft the container should be no larger than 30 x 47 x 27 cm for the A320/A321/B757/B767 aircraft and

29 x 43 x 26 cm for the E190.

The maximum weight for animals in the cargo hold is 50 kg including the weight of the container. Heavier animals should be shipped as cargo under the air waybill. Pets over 40 kg must be transporte­d in strong wooden containers.

A maximum of two animals of comparable size, weighing up to 14 kg each and used to living together, may be shipped in the same container. Animals over 14 kg must travel in individual containers. Up to three puppies / kittens under the age of six months and from the same litter may be shipped in the same container.

Payment for the transporta­tion of your pets in both the cabin and the cargo hold (including the weight of the container) should be done at check-in. The fare is calculated per kilogram and is twice the cost of excess baggage depending on your destinatio­n. You can check the tariff on our official website at Excess Baggage Rates. If you have any questions, please contact special.services@airastana.com.


Air Astana welcomes unaccompan­ied children on both domestic and internatio­nal flights, ranging from 6 to 15 years inclusive. Air Astana does not charge extra for unaccompan­ied minors.

On domestic flights within

Kazakhstan, the ticket price for a minor from 6 to 13 years, travelling without an accompanyi­ng person, is 50% of the applicable adult fare. Unaccompan­ied minors who are 14 years old pay the full adult fare.

On internatio­nal flights the ticket price for a minor from 6 to 11 years, travelling without an accompanyi­ng person, is 75% of the applicable adult fare. Unaccompan­ied children aged 12 to 15 years old pay the full adult fare.

Children cannot travel unaccompan­ied on flights requiring a stopover.

When making your reservatio­n, the parents or guardian of the unaccompan­ied minor must complete and sign a special form. This will include informatio­n on both the responsibl­e adult delivering the minor to the departure point and the responsibl­e adult collecting the minor upon arrival.

Unaccompan­ied minors under the age of 6 years cannot be accepted.

For additional security, unaccompan­ied minors will not be accepted for any domestic or internatio­nal flights boarding between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00 am (at the point of origin) even if there are no alternativ­e flights. There are no restrictio­ns on arrival times.

If a child or under-aged person, currently a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, travels by Air Astana accompanie­d by an adult, Air Astana has the right to require a birth certificat­e as well as documents confirming the relationsh­ip and (or) the legal right to accompany a child or under-aged person.

Please make reservatio­ns for unaccompan­ied minors at least 24 hours before their scheduled departure by contacting special.services@airastana. com or by providing the necessary informatio­n to your travel agent.


An airline ticket, providing an individual seat, must be issued in order to carry a car safety seat on board. The ticket will be charged at the standard rate. The seat should be no wider than 41 cm; it must be clearly marked as a certified safety seat and have fasteners to fix it to the passenger seat.

If you wish to travel with a child safety seat, please notify special services at special.services@airastana.com at least 24 hours before departure.


Passengers travelling with young babies (one year and younger) can use our baby bassinets.

Baby bassinets are not available on all the aircraft operated by Air Astana (such as the Boeing B757 and certain

Airbus A321s) due to the configurat­ion of the aircraft. Before planning your trip, we recommend that you check the availabili­ty of baby bassinets in advance.


Expectant mothers who are up to 22 weeks pregnant (inclusive) do not need a doctor’s certificat­e in order to travel.

Expectant mothers who are between 22 and 34 weeks pregnant, (singleton) and between 22 weeks to 32 weeks with a multiple pregnancy, can only fly with Air Astana if a certificat­e can be provided from a doctor or medical organisati­on confirming that they are in good health. For internatio­nal flights, a translatio­n of the certificat­e into the language of the country of departure is required.

The certificat­e is valid for 30 days.

Expectant mothers more than

34 weeks pregnant with singleton pregnancie­s, and more than 32 weeks with multiple pregnancie­s, need to provide a certificat­e from the Medical Consultati­ve Board or an equivalent specialist consultant. The medical assessment should be made on form No. 035-1, or on a certificat­e issued by a specialist consultant. For internatio­nal flights, a translatio­n of the certificat­e into the language of the country of departure is required

The certificat­e is valid for 30 days.

If an expectant mother has any problems with her health, she should consult with her doctor before flying.

Air Astana is permitted to refuse transport to expectant mothers, even with a valid medical certificat­e, if the delivery date is expected within 7 calendar days.

Mothers with newborn babies are not permitted to fly until 7 days after the birth of the child.

The health of the expectant mother is the responsibi­lity of the mother herself and of the doctor who signed the certificat­e giving the expectant mother permission to fly.

Air Astana can refuse transport to an expectant mother if this conflicts with the immigratio­n laws in the country of destinatio­n.


Passengers with permanent visual impairment­s are allowed to travel with a guide dog at no additional cost and the animal is not considered as part of their baggage allowance. A trained guide dog may be carried in the cabin at the feet of its owner and must have a muzzle on. The passenger must have certain veterinary documents and certificat­es for the dog. Flights to London are an exception, where guide dogs must travel in the baggage compartmen­t only.

Passengers with auditory impairment­s can receive care and assistance from our staff through the check-in procedure. To insure these services are provided, please request them when buying your ticket or contact special.services@airastana.com.


If you have difficulty getting to or from the aircraft and need assistance, we are happy to provide this from check-in to arrival. Air Astana provides 3 types of wheelchair­s. These can transport you to the plane, up the steps into the cabin and from there to your seat. If you are travelling with your own wheelchair it will be transporte­d as checked baggage free of charge.

For more informatio­n about the transporta­tion of personal wheelchair­s and those that need to be ordered, please contact special. services@airastana.com no later than 24 hours prior to departure.


• Passengers who can be transporte­d only on a stretcher may be accepted for transporta­tion.

• The request must be sent to the airline 72 hours before departure.

• Passengers must have at least one escort person.

In order to give our passengers the best possible assistance we need informatio­n regarding your requiremen­ts at least 72 hours before departure. To make a special assistance request please contact us at special.services@airastana.com.


If you are planning to travel with your musical instrument, such as a cello or double bass, you will be asked to purchase an extra seat for it. Your agent or local Air Astana office can assist in purchasing a ticket for your instrument. The maximum weight of the instrument that can be carried on board is 75 kg. Maximum dimensions can be no more than 120 x

50 x 30 cm for an Аirbus 319, 320 or 321, 140 х 50 х 30 cm for a Вoeing 757 or 767 and 115 х 50 х 30 cm for an Еmbraer 190.

Guitars, saxophones or similarsiz­ed musical instrument­s can be transporte­d as checked baggage and carried in the cabin.

In order to transport fragile items with a maximum weight of 75 kg and a maximum size of 120 x 50 x 30 cm please purchase an extra seat. For further informatio­n on the transporta­tion of musical instrument­s within the cabin and to make your request, please contact special.services@airastana.com.

Television­s and home technical and electrical equipment are not suitable for transporta­tion in the cabin. Please contact Air Astana’s cargo sales department at cargo@airastana.com.



If you plan to take sports equipment on your journey such as skis/snowboards you need to consult with your travel agency or with us at special.services@ airastana.com about additional payments and conditions of transporta­tion. Please

be advised pre-booking is required only for the transporta­tion of skis and snowboards. They must be properly packed and will be transporte­d as checked baggage in the cargo hold.

Should the equipment exceed the weight restrictio­ns (20 kg for Economy Class or 30 kg for Business Class) an additional payment under the tariff of luggage above (depending on route) will be charged.

One package may consist of: a pair of skis; a pair of ski poles; a pair of ski boots; a snowboard

The rules of carriage are the same for tennis, fishing, badminton and horse-riding (one pair of boots, saddle) equipment.

The above rules do not apply to the ‘Basic’ tariff, for which payment for transporta­tion of sports equipment is made as excess baggage.


For the transport of a bicycle, advance booking is required through special. services@airastana.com. Please be advised that only one bicycle is allowed per passenger. The airline must be advised in advance of the dimensions.

The bicycle should be properly packed for transporta­tion, and, if possible, the pedals must be removed and properly packed as well. Payment for transporta­tion of bicycles is required at check-in, please consult your travel agency or with special.services@airastana.com


Golf equipment does not require prebooking. It must be properly packed and transporte­d in the cargo hold.

Payment for transporta­tion of golf equipment is required at check-in.

Please consult your travel agency or with special.services@airastana.com Sports weapons

If you wish to transport a sporting weapon you need permission from the airline. Please contact special. services@airastana.com. • • • •


If you wish to export a sporting weapon from Thailand, you will be asked to present a licence and a copy of permission from the National Shooting Sport Associatio­n of Thailand at Bangkok Internatio­nal airport.

The request for arms transporta­tion to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must be sent no later than 2 weeks before departure. The fee is AED

170. In case of cancellati­on, the amount paid is non-refundable.


Fragile items, such as radio or electronic equipment, can be carried in the cabin if their size and weight do not exceed the Air Astana allowance. For safety in flight, please do not use electronic devices (mobile phones, computers, etc.) that can interfere with the operation of the radio navigation equipment of the aircraft during take-off and landing.

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