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FVC Internatio­nal has a wide footprint of partner growers across South Africa which combine with its packing and distributi­on facilities to serve customers all over the world.

The following facts shed further light on the company’s operations: • To ensure that FVC packs its fruit to the highest local and internatio­nal standards, we have enlisted the support of some of the country’s most state-of-the-art packing facilities.

• All farms and pack houses adhere to strict food safety and ethical standards and are regularly audited. This gives customers piece of mind that they are receiving produce that was grown and packed by people adopting best practices.

• Once the fruit has been packed, it is ready to go into the container and be transporte­d to the harbour, where it will head to its final destinatio­n many thousands of kilometres away.

• FVC Internatio­nal, together with two leading growerexpo­rters, runs its own logistics company, Horizon Fruits. Together, 12,500 containers are shipped to more than 35 destinatio­ns worldwide.

• FVC is also the largest importer of fresh produce into

South Africa.

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