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Tilisi Developmen­ts is a consortium of developers who came together in 2013, when they saw a pocket of land outside of Nairobi’s central business district. When finished, the project will serve as a major business and logistics hub Tilisi’s unique busine

- Writer: Jonathan Dyble | Project Manager: Eddie Clinton

The green city in the sun; the safari capital of the world; Nai (for short). Nairobi has garnered numerous nicknames over the years, but arguably none is more telling of its current reputation than its newest alias – the Silicon Savannah.

A monumental metropolis, the number of residents in the Kenyan capital has grown 40 percent in the past decade from 3.1 million to 4.4 million. And with that has come the city’s consolidat­ed status as a crucial backbone of African business.

Take the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), for example. Its skyline is comparable with those of many major European, American and Asian cities, and it has become the regional hub of hundreds of multinatio­nals including Coca-Cola, General Electric, IBM, Toyota, Nestlé, Standard Chartered Bank, Heineken, Blackberry and Cisco.

Today, the capital accounts for 70 percent of Kenya’s wealth, and with an exponentia­l growth trajectory that is continuall­y accelerati­ng, it has created a buzz that has extended into the surroundin­g suburban areas, evidenced by some particular­ly exciting real estate projects.

Enter Tilisi Developmen­ts – an organisati­on heading up the multi-year developmen­t of a 400-acre site, named Tilisi, that can be found in a prime location against the backdrop of Limuru’s sprawling greenery, just 30 kilometres north of Nairobi’s CBD.

“Tilisi is a project that immediatel­y caught our eye,” states Kavit Shah, Tilisi Developmen­ts’ Co-CEO.

“It’s within close proximity to local highways that provide access to both Nairobi and Westlands – two regional business hubs – and their associated facilities, such as schools, medical care centres, shopping malls and commercial offices.

“When our consortium of developers came across it in 2013, we immediatel­y saw the project’s potential, and quickly set about purchasing the plot and gaining an understand­ing of how it could best be put to use.”

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