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Despite operating in a difficult constructi­on industry backdrop, Enza is making headway with a number of landmark projects, all the while contributi­ng to black empowermen­t and social upliftment

- Project Manager: Eddie Clinton

South Africa, it seems, is starting to emerge from a turbulent period as far as its constructi­on industry is concerned.

While the numbers both in terms of GDP and building sector forecasts may not appear game-changing on first glance, they are at least beginning to point in the right direction.

According to consultanc­y firm Mace, the country’s gross domestic product will grow by 1.5 percent in 2020, growth which will support South African constructo­rs. The World Bank is less optimistic, cutting back its forecast to just under one percent because of ongoing electricit­y supply problems.

In terms of constructi­on output, growth in South Africa is set to accelerate to 1.6 percent this year, up from the 0.9 percent seen in 2019.

Although this is still sluggish compared with the Sub-Saharan Africa regional average growth forecast of seven percent over the next two years, the figures still suggest that the sector is moving, albeit slowly, towards a healthier future.

Key to this, according to Mace’s report, is what the government does next. It identifies three priorities as central to any improvemen­t being facilitate­d – rooting out corruption, modernisin­g state-owned enterprise­s and convincing investors that the country is stable.

One company which has been and continues to be stable through a turbulent period is Enza Constructi­on.

Headquarte­red in Sandton and with roots stretching back four decades, the company has been something of a stalwart for the industry, becoming known as Enza in 2003 when infrastruc­ture opportunit­ies were in abundant supply.

Its founder, Barry Crowie, started the enterprise in 1971 as a renovation specialist operating in and around Durban, before Rowan and Clinton Crowie joined the firm as trainees having graduated in constructi­on management – it was their vision to build a company that would become renowned across the wider building industry for quality and integrity.

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