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Specialisi­ng in the transporta­tion of commoditie­s via value-added services, an extensive fleet and expansive footprint, BHL Group is helping the SADEC region to blossom both socially and economical­ly

- Writer: Jonathan Dyble | Project Manager: Lewis Bush

In the grand scheme of history, the fact that many of us can say we have lived through two millennia is something of a sensation.

The Gregorian calendar ticking over into 2000 was met with spectacula­r celebratio­ns the world over, marking more than just another year but a global chance to make a fresh start, leave behind the mistakes of the previous century, and transition into a world of universal progress, openness and prosperity.

In Southern Africa, this opportunit­y was wholeheart­edly embraced.

Between 2000 and 2008, real GDP for the region rose by 4.9 percent annually – more than twice the yearly economic growth seen in the 1980s and 1990s as regional constructi­on boomed, retail flourished, investment blossomed, and telecommun­ications and banking thrived.

In 2000, the GDP of Zambia was $3.6 billion. Yet, as of 2019, that figure has now risen to $32 billion.

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