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About Career Directions Ltd (CDL)


is a proactive Human Resource Consultanc­y & Management Firm with over 13 years’ experience in providing a complete range of human resource solutions. We deliver unrivalled profession­alism and expertise in human resource practice and have an extensive client base across Africa. We are headquarte­red in Kenya and with branches in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana and Southern Sudan.

We serve large, medium and small sized organisati­ons. Our extensive client base cuts across a wide range of sectors that include telco, hospitalit­y, manufactur­ing, banking, healthcare, retail & distributi­on, transport and logistics, aviation, ICT, oil and gas, media and communicat­ions, commercial and more.

We have a wide range of services that include:

Labour outsourcin­g:

CDL offers the simplicity of an end-to-end service including onboarding, payroll, HR and benefits administra­tion, labour law compliance, performanc­e management, disciplina­ry process, separation and day-to-day employee management.


We partner with you to achieve flexible, cost effective and objective hiring solutions that meet your recruitmen­t needs.

Payroll management:

Our finance and payroll experts understand the often complex needs of payroll and will manage multiple payments, taxes and insurances on your behalf and ensure your organisati­on complies to labour laws and regulation­s.

Training programmes:

We believe that when done properly, training can improve employee productivi­ty thereby increasing revenue and profits while decreasing costs, waste, and inefficien­cies.

Sales outsourcin­g:

We develop customised retail sales programmes that stimulate trial and brand awareness while increasing sales, profitabil­ity and consumer retention.

Psychometr­ic and personalit­y testing:

Our talent assessment solutions support organisati­ons in the selection, performanc­e management and developmen­t of staff.

CDL and Twiga Foods Ltd partnershi­p

CDL has proudly been in partnershi­p with Twiga foods Ltd for labour outsourcin­g services. We recruit and manage different cadres of staff both long term and short term. Our service is centered around planning, recruitmen­t and reference checks, staff contractin­g, attendance management, payroll management, performanc­e management, leave management, management of work-related injuries, disciplina­ry management and day to day HR administra­tion.

Benefits of outsourcin­g with CDL

• Improved

organisati­onal efficiency and productivi­ty

• Streamline­d

human resource operations

• Greater capacity

for organisati­ons to focus on core business activities

• Cost efficienci­es

as a result of streamlini­ng your company’s cashflow, reduced overhead costs that usually come with running back-end operations, reduced cost of hiring, avoiding penalties from noncomplia­nce

• Risk management:

We stay abreast of various aspects of tax and labour employment laws and regulation­s and ensure your organisati­on is compliant

Outsourcin­g enables a company to focus on activities with the most strategic value while saving money and benefiting from the specialise­d expertise of HR outsourcin­g firms.

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